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Sugar Bowl Mix: Katherine - yesterday five pm

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Katherine - yesterday five pm

Her big, striped, pink hat was tied around her chin in a pretty bow. A bow I had tied only minutes earlier. I wished she didn't have that hat on because somehow it made her look all the more beautiful and at that moment her beautiful looks interfered with my fury at her inability to do anything I asked like set the table which is what she was carrying on about at that very moment.

"I'm only going to set the table if someone helps me," she pouted, followed by sticking her tongue out at me when I said she had to do it by herself. Sticking her tongue out is cause for instant time-out. Her feet stomped and she threw the forks on the floor.

 "I am not going to my room!" she shrieked as she ran out of the kitchen hitting everything in her path.

A few minutes later I found the hat lying askew on the stairs, the long ties dangling, as though reaching for the next step.

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