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Sugar Bowl Mix: The Coopie McCoops Problem

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Coopie McCoops Problem

Coopie McCoops. Pooper McPoops. Nippy McNips. Stinky McStinks.

Cooper is a rescue cat from the Bakersfield shelter via a Siamese rescue group. He's a Lynx Point which is a fancy way of saying he's got some Tabby and some Siamese in him - a tabby face, a raccoon tail, subtle stripes on his creamy body and blue eyes.

"He's absolutely adorable," Katherine says. Yes, he is adorable looking, except I suspect Katherine means everything about him is adorable; the nipping and swatting aren't so adorable to me. Neither is his habit of passing stinky gas, something that's usually followed by a loud cry of "EWW! Cooper just had a big Stinker!" from Katherine.

Caroline picked him out of a group of fourteen kittens and Cooper somehow senses this because she is his favorite; she is the only one he licks.

He's a pretty good cat. But here's the problem with Cooper: he's not a super cat. This wouldn't be a problem except he came on the heels of a super cat: Jasper (see post about him) and he lives with a super cat: Charles.

Is this fair to Cooper? No. I like him. I could probably say I like him a lot. But he's not making it into the pantheon of awesome cat characters anytime soon.

But don't tell the girls. They adore him. And maybe that's what's most important.  He's their cat, not mine and if I can remember that maybe I'll give him an extra pat later today and hope I don't get swatted in the process.

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