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Sugar Bowl Mix: Why Sugar Bowl Mix?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Sugar Bowl Mix?

When Katie was two weeks old my mother came to visit for a week. She spent much of her time reciting this little ditty:

Katie did, Katie didn't,
Katie broke the sugar bowl,
Said she didn't.

My mother learned the ditty from my grandmother who chanted it when the katydids sang in the summer. My grandmother probably made it up. She loved sweets and sugar. I have one my grandmother's sugar bowls. It's missing the top.

It's been six years now since my mother stayed with us for a week and repeated this ditty over and over and Tim and I still say it. A lot. Sometimes we say "Katie stole the sugar bowl" instead of broke the sugar bowl. Maybe she stole the top.

Here's a picture of a katydid:

I like the sugar bowl better.

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