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Sugar Bowl Mix: Ten days with no TV

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten days with no TV

Girls can do a lot in ten days with no TV. And they did. And it wasn't that TV wasn't available. It was. But they didn't once ask to watch it during our visit to their grandmother. No iPhone games either. Electronics free. And it's not that they watch so much TV at home. They don't. But if they were allowed to watch more they would.

That's not to say there weren't a few epic breakdowns and tantrums from both girls during the ten days. There were. But they had a good visit and got to spend some serious time just being kids. Because that's what they are. Kids. I'll try to remember that when we get home tomorrow and have to tell them we have no TV at home because the TV is broken. Or maybe I'll be lucky and they'll remember some of the fun projects they did here and want to start one right away....I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Highlights from ten days without TV:

They visited their grandfather who recently made a difficult transition to a retirement home and made him laugh.

They spent 5 days at a great camp at the Royal Ontario Museum where Katherine learned about Pharaohs, made amulets, practiced her hieroglyphics and made various pieces of jewelry, including this ring for me.

Caroline explored mummies and the Terra Cotta Warriors and experimented with mummified apples and the eco-system in "Backyard Biology."

Their Auntie Jane arranged for them to ride horses.

Katherine on Magic

Katherine leading Gambler who is nearly 40 years old!

Caroline leading Magic who is much younger than Gambler

We made slime.

Warning: Slime made with cornstarch and food dye is a total mess and not that slimy

Katherine's hands will be blue forever

They went to the park by themselves three times. The park is two blocks away and three streets had to be crossed so it was a true adventure. I overheard Caroline telling her sister that "Mommy trusts us enough to go alone!"

Today, as we rode the subway back from The Bata Shoe Museum, Caroline told me she was going to move to Toronto after college. "I really like it here." I'll check back in with her on that when we return in December and the weather is a little different.

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