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Sugar Bowl Mix: Mother VACATION

Monday, August 30, 2010


Travelling with the girls is not a VACATION. It's exhausting. Our trip to San Diego a few weeks ago was fun. Not relaxing. A family TRIP. Not a VACATION. But last week the girls and I had a VACATION. We didn't go to Hawaii or the Carribean or anywhere near a beach. No, we flew to Toronto:
A Pillow PetTrader Joes Pomegranite seeds and a Pringles pack helped make the plane ride enjoyable for all!
The girls were surprisingly patient when we had to wait in a very long Customs line:

The complaints about the heavy backpacks - "why do I have to carry the DVD player???" - didn't start until we'd made our way through the line and dealt with a very rude woman Customs agent. Thanks Canada. Nice welcome.

We stayed with my good friend S in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area for those of who aren't Torontonians) and the only times we left the house in the five days was to walk ten minutes to Z's riding lesson. It was a true VACATION. Restful, relaxing, fun and filled with girlfriend talk. The girls didn't have to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, hurry, hurry, use the bathroom, don't forget... to get somewhere.

They swam in the pool twice a day.

Katherine jumped in the deep end 100 times

Caroline jumped in 101 times
They went with Z to her riding lesson:

Monty  - "the most cutest pony ever!"
Girls and pony = Happiness
The girls played with Z and J's toys, went to the playground next door (by themselves!) and watched Cinderella on Movie night:

Two-year-old J fell in love with Caroline. The first thing he said every morning: "Caroline sleeping?" or "Where Caroline?"

Only one major temper tantrum from Katherine and a couple I'm-being-a-rude-and-bossy-eight-year-old moments from Caroline made for a smooth Vacation.

And me? I swam, lounged and caught up with girlfriends.

Thanks S!  See you next year (:

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