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Sugar Bowl Mix: Two amazing things

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two amazing things

We got back from our family trip to San Diego this week. I could post about all our cool animal encounters.

Or about the clich├ęd power of this image.

Or some sappy drivel about quality family time.

Or about all the treats we ate.

But No. I'm not going to post about any of these because two amazing things happened on our family trip to San Diego.  

1. Caroline learned to ride a bike. 

2. Katherine got through the entire trip without a single breakdown or tantrum when she wasn't allowed to buy a new stuffed animal (aka loveys). Considering that we passed, on average, half a dozen booths overflowing with gorgeous loveys Every Single Day this was truly an Amazing feat. 

When she left her favorite lovey, Puffball (a white baby seal) in old town and we drove back together to look for her she said: "Anyways, I am prepared for disappointment, Mommy. Puffball may not be there." Puffball was there. Right where Katherine had left her. 

On our final night when Katherine was told Mommy and Daddy were not going to bonk the monkey on the head at the amusement park to win her a lovey she said: "I know. I'm obsessed with loveys." Wow. No temper tantrum AND self awareness. 

Those two amazing things made the last hour of the car ride home replete with screaming, shrieking, hitting, throwing, crying - am I missing anything? - almost worth it. Almost.

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