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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello new school

We used to walk to school. That was nice. We can't walk to the new school. We drive and drive and let's just say we're in the car for a while. Four freeways a while. But we had to make a change for Caroline. She had a bad year in second grade last year. A bad teacher who found her annoying (yes, she actually told me this), a bad boy who assaulted her (more than once) and a bad curriculum, among other things, all made for a bad year. A really bad year.

So she's moving on to an environment where her imagination, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking process can be nurtured, where there won't be any worksheets, where she won't have to sit in ready position at her desk and where they won't assign any homework so I won't have to get into screaming matches with her about homework that is a waste of time for everyone but that she has to do because that's just the way it is in the crippled public education system in this country.

Katherine loved Kindergarten at our neighborhood school last year but she wanted to stay with her sister so she chose to go to the new school. I am sad to say goodbye to our neighborhood school. I did love many things about it despite Caroline's bad year; some of the teachers are wonderful, the community is great, the arts enrichment programs amazing and I'll say it again, you just can't beat the wonderfulness of walking to school. But goodbye old school it is.

Hello New School.

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