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Sugar Bowl Mix: At least I made the list

Thursday, December 2, 2010

At least I made the list

I would have made the top of the list back in these days:

These days, my place on the list has shifted.

This afternoon on the car ride home from school Katherine and Caroline were talking about their favorite things.

Katherine started listing off her favorite things at home: Cooper [our cat] is my first favorite thing. Caroline, you're my second favorite thing. Daddy is my third favorite thing and Mommy is my fourth favorite thing.

(Notice that Caroline was addressed directly, but I was discussed like I wasn't even there.)

Later on at dinner Katherine explained to Caroline (again, like I wasn't there) that she liked Daddy better than Mommy because Daddy helped her feel better when she got into big trouble with Mommy.

It could be worse.

I could have been left off the list entirely.

So, how do you fare on your kids list of favorite things?

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