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Sugar Bowl Mix: My life in Pink

Monday, January 17, 2011

My life in Pink

At one time in my life I hated pink. My wardrobe consisted of browns, grays and blacks with the very occasional lavender. I was pretty cool. Or so I thought. No pink for me. Too frilly. Too girly. Not me.

When I was pregnant with Caroline there was no way I was going to paint her room pink. I painted the walls yellow and the ceiling blue. I sewed her bedding myself in yellow and blues.

After Caroline was born the baby gifts started arriving. They were pink. Light pink, dark pink, fuscia. Every hue of pink. Caroline wore all of them. The pink complemented her skin tone.

So what's a girl to do? I embraced the pink. Grudgingly at first, for sure. I started by buying pink clothes for Caroline. And how couldn't I? Pink reigned supreme in the baby and toddler girl selections. And then slowly but surely pink crept into my own wardrobe. A t-shirt here, a sweater there. I stopped at the coats. There has to be a limit.

When Katie was born she wore all of Caroline's baby clothes. And more pink arrived in the form of gifts. I bought Caroline a pink bedspread for her big girl bed. I was surrounded by pink.

When we moved back to Los Angeles Caroline chose a bright fuscia pink, her favorite color, for her bedroom. I painted one wall that color and the rest a lighter shade of pink. But her room is PINK. So very pink.

I'm an official pink convert. I thank my girls for that. Pink is a fresh, full of life, a little romantic, a hop-in-your-step-color. A little brightness in your day. A symbol of girl power. Pink is good. I'm at peace with pink.

I can almost see myself painting my own bedroom pink.

Do you like pink? Is there anything that you used to dislike that you like or love now that you have children?

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