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Sugar Bowl Mix: The parents are on sale!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The parents are on sale!

I'm participating in the new meme "Capture The Everyday" over at Adventuroo. This week's prompt is "something you can't live without."

I have many things I feel like I can't live without: chocolate, warm sweaters, Los Angeles weather, books, to name only a few. This week I was struck by how much I enjoy those funny, unexpected type of moments I have with the girls. Now, I'd be lying if I said I had wonderfully funny moments every single day. Motherhood isn't that kind of journey for me.

But moments like the following, that really make laugh out loud, are the moments that make the journey worthwhile, that almost seem like moments I couldn't live without. These are the moments I want to remember in thirty years.

The girls had a friend over on Monday. They set up an elaborate store in the family room.

I played "The Shopper" and they gave me change from their piggy banks to use as money. They informed me as I entered the store that certain items were on sale.

Katie guided me through the toy section where I picked out a stuffed animal and a fairy. Their friend walked me through the food and dishes section, where I bought a plate and a teapot.

Caroline showed me the junk and "different things" sections where I found this:

"Those are my parents." She told me. "When they were a lot younger," she added. "They're letting me sell them."

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